HP Investing in Eco-friendly Data Centers in Alpharetta

It seems like technology companies are completely into green. Now one of the world’s largest technology companies Hewlett-Packard is making a multimillion dollar investment in Alpharetta,Georgia. The city representatives hope that it will bring new job opportunities to the city.

Yes, this America’s leading company which at present functions at Westside Parkwayis planning for an eco-friendly data centre in Alpharetta.

According to the Vice President of IT Infrastructure for the company Ken Gray, it is the next generation of computer equipment and he adds that this is an expansion of the investments they have already made in Georgia. Each technology pods otherwise known as ‘ecopod’ has a sophisticated cooling system that keeps the servers from putting off too much heat. These new technology pods hold servers of computer information and use 95 percent less energy than traditional data centers.

Metro Atlanta’s talented workforce and the quality college graduates from Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia inspired the company to invest at this city.

The Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle says that he’s glad to see the investments in the city and HP will be the city’s largest employers. It is expected that the company will employs nearly 1,200 people and has the resource to grow.

HP chose Alpharetta because of its business-friendly atmosphere and its commitment and the facility will eventually lead to company’s expansion and increased jobs in the Alpharetta area.


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