Gucci Introduces Sustainable Liquid Wood Sunglasses

Gucci is making serious efforts to move towards eco-friendly production. To them, sustainable products are not a passing fancy. Gucci’s commitment to environmental responsibility is made obvious with the launch of its eco-friendly sun glasses. And what makes these sun glasses special is the fact that they are made from liquid wood- an innovative biodegradable material that never before used for the production of sunglasses!

The material is a combination of wood fibers from sustainably managed forests, lignin from the paper-manufacturing process, and natural wax.

Gucci collaborated with Safilo, the eyewear manufacturer and distributor for internationally renowned brands, to make these bio-friendly eye-glasses. These new sustainable sunglasses from Gucci have black frame and gray ombré glass lenses. Recycled metal is used for both the hinges and bamboo-inspired accents.

This material is already used by Benetton for its hangers. The main advantage of this material is that it is biodegradable.

Gucci will also introduce a foldable eyeglass case to minimize the weight and number of shipments. This new packaging will reduce its carbon emissions by 60 % and will also include a pre-addressed envelope so that customers can send it off for recycling.

According to Rossella Ravagli, Gucci’s corporate social responsibility manager, nowadays quality goes hand in hand with sustainability. And Gucci is trying to attain that sustainability in their products.

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