Go Green on the Tarmac; Try These Tips for a Pollution-free Drive

The world has been pushing itself towards a greener scenario of late. On the highways and the street yonder, hybrid-plug in vehicles and recycled energy resources have brought to the fore the need for such inventions.  However, on a general scale, the pollution caused by other vehicles is under watch. There are many who are still in over with those gas and diesel powered mean machines. In order to go green you need not buy green vehicles, but small changes in your driving pattern can bring in significant results. Mercedes-Benz and Eco Driving have joined hands to bring you some tips that can save your money and your planet. Here we go:


Start Smooth

Aggressive driving and sudden starts will cause unnecessary gas wastage and pollution. The level of carbon monoxide produced in one second of high-powered driving is equivalent to 30 minutes of normal driving.

Slow Down

On highways, pushing the speedometer to 100 mph is really thrilling, but remember it may cause higher fuel consumption. Next time limit your speed to 65 mph as it may increase your fuel economy up to 10 percent and minimize pollution.

Gear Up

If you get into highest gear it can help you to slow down your car’s engine speed and fuel consumption. It can also help slow down carbon dioxide emissions and engine wear.

Start Early

If you plan your trip a bit early, it can save you from rush-hour-traffic blocks and help you to reduce your fuel usage.  Remember to pack your errands in one trip because a warmed up engine generates fewer emissions.

Tire Tale

Maintain correct tire pressure is very important for gas mileage and safety. So check your tires regularly. If they are old, change to low-rolling-resistance set that will improve gas mileage.

Tune Up

Tune your car can help you save about four percent on gas mileage. Also try an eco-friendly service station that use recycled fluids.

Oil Okay

Regularly changing your car oil will extend your car’s life and energy. You can also try using recycled engine oil next time.

 No Overfill

Avoid overfilling the gas tank as the spilled gas will evaporate into smog and can leak into ground water. By properly tightening your gas cap, you can save up to 30 gallons a year.

Get a Shade

Always try to park in the shade as it will help in minimizing evaporation of fuel and it will prevent your car from becoming a furnace inside. So always try to park in garage or under windshield shades.

Walk When You Can

Try walking, cycling or taking mass transit other than using cars as that can bring great change to the environment and it will help you to save a few bucks. Try avoiding the car for two days a week and believe it or not, it will help to cut down gas emissions by 1,500 pounds a year and also make you stay fit.

Come folks, let’s save fuel for our coming generations; let us save nature!

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