Ferrari F70 Hybrid Car Gears Up for Sales Next Year

Ferrari is music to the ears of a car enthusiast. It always has been labeled as the manufacturer of the fastest and expensive cars in the world. The Italian auto maker is now planning to move towards an eco-friendly environment by introducing its first plug-in hybrid car – the Ferrari F70.

Ferrari F70 will combine two 218-hp electric modes with a 12-cylinder gasoline engine. It will produce 500hp at the same time reducing the fuel consumption by 40%.

This hybrid car can achieve a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour. The company gathers up their efforts to make their models environmentally palatable without compromising its performance.

As the emission rules tighten and more models become accessible, the sales of the hybrid cars will increase to 100 this year.  The new model will probably surpass $850,000.

The car will come up for sale next year and theUS will be the most targeted market. Initially, only a limited number of the model will be available because the final price has to be decided.

HY-KERS hybrid technology will be used to power the upcoming F70. As per the technology, the electric motors can deliver an extra 100 hp to the wheels by operating through one of the gearbox’s two clutches.

Improved with the electric motors, it’s going to be a sensational car that helps to lower emissions.

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