Dilston Grove Gallery Sports Grassy Green Interiors

The Clare College Mission Church an Italian–style is just another Grade II listed Building in Greater London. This heritage building was dated back to 1900 and was converted to a series of artist studio in 1960. At present this building is one of the art galleries in the country.

What interests us green loving people about this is that the building, now known as Dilston Grove gallery, features a lush eco-friendly interior. Renowned British artists Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey are behind this make over of the building.

The designers covered the church interior completely with living grass layers. The new grass interior has lifted the building’s otherwise melancholic atmosphere. The whole design looks like a grassy wall paper.

The designers attained this by covering the church’s interior including the walls, balconies and ceiling with mixture of seeds and clay. They provided fresh water with the hose to the seeds and with natural sunlight help in the growing of these seeds.

The old heritage building has turned into a green masterpiece . Look forward to visiting the gallery – its worth the effort.

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