Communication Towers Kill Millions of Birds a Year in the US [Video]

Now, this is something shocking, indeed. Around 7 million birds die every single year in the US because of the communication towers spread around North America. This was revealed by the study conducted by Travis Longcore, an associate professor at the USC Spatial Sciences Institute, and his colleagues.

The team mainly focused on towers taller than 180 feet which were used for TV and radio frequencies. The study did not include shorter towers that are used for mobile communication.

The team found that the birds are not only killed by slamming themselves onto the towers, but also due to the dozens of cables that help to keep the tower straight.

The threat increases with increasing tower height. The towers above 900 feet are only 1.6% of the total number of towers in the US.  Yet these towers killed 70% of the birds, which comes nearly 4.5 million a year.

The study recommends reducing the number of towers and advices more freestanding towers so as to avoid guy wires.

The study  was funded in part by the Urban Wildlands Group, Environment Canada, the American Bird Conservancy and Defenders of Wildlife.  Don’t you think we need to save the avian wonders at least now.

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