Celebrities Prefer Mink Eyelashes for a More Natural Look

The false eyelashes, made out of human hair, became popular in the 1920s when Hollywood actresses used them to make their eyes appear bigger. But now it has been replaced with a new trend of real mink eyelashes that made a clean sweep in the U.K market.

According to the salon owners, most celebrities prefer these real mink eyelashes as to get a natural look. The Janette Vince of Designer Lashes London says that the fur lashes have been a hit with women looking for a more natural look. She offers 100 per cent Siberian mink eyelashes and now after 12 months she has a couple of suppliers in the U.S.

These mink lashes are made from fur brushed off live animals. But, the designer reassures that they don’t kill the animals for fur. She added that they brush the minks and then collect the fur by hand.

But some animal lovers believe that real mink eyelash extensions are made from fur brushed off live animals and consider it as an animal abuse. They protest against the use of these mink eyelashes. Earlier this year U.S star of Jersey Shore, Snooki, was forced to remove five pairs of real mink eyelashes from her website following the protest of animal rights group PETA.

A London-based eyelash extension artist recommends using the synthetic versions. She claims that the synthetic mink lashes have the look and feel of real fur lashes, at the same time they produce a better curl. Does anyone hear that?

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