Bill Gates Speaks about all the Pros of Vegan Food

We have heard many celebrities speak on behalf of vegetarians. This time, it’s the MS boss who’s joining in. A new video has started doing the rounds, and it features Bill Gates discussing all the pros of vegan food. Though the location or the reason behind the speech is not revealed in the video, Bill Gates is easily identifiable.

According to Gates, plant based food materials are cheaper, probably healthier, less cruelty involved and less green house gas emissions occurred during their processing. And, above all, vegan is quite a natural thing.

He also adds that the increased intensity of animal product consumption is part of increased income, and it is what people wanted. But the fact of innovation will give people the equivalent without those negative facts at lower prices.

He winds up his speech  by suggesting that science and innovation will be a part of mainstream dialogue within a five year.  It seems that Bill Gates was speaking on behalf of his foundation.

All of us know that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on many social issues, one among them is innovation in agriculture.

The foundations funds are invested in agricultural projects that range from sustainable land management to giving farmers better education with a distinct focus on helping poor families feed themselves.


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