Audi Unveils its Battery Powered e-bike with Five Variety Modes

We know that typical e-bikes are meant for A-to-B rides. But Audi’s new e-bike is an exception for this usual trend. Named Worthersee, this battery powered e-bike will be a dream for two-wheeler enthusiasts.

This spectacular e-bike gives the rider a choice to select from five variety of cycling mode ranging from pure human power to pure electric power to a varying mix of the two. You can flick the bike into a wheelie mode and either shift your weight around or leave it fully automatic.

Worthersee can go up to a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour and can pull up to 44 miles on a single charge. This vehicle has a strong 2.3kW motor and has weight-to-power ratio of about 15 pounds per horsepower. No doubt, it is the most powerful e-bike.

The bike has a top speed of 50 MPH in a motor-assisted pedaling mode and can ride at a speed of 31 MPH without using your legs. The vehicle weighs just 24 pounds and can go as far as 44miles on a single charge which takes a 2.5-hour charging time.

Worthersee possess some unique features including flat spokes that cut the wind better than conventional ones and a smartphone hookup.

Audi is calling this model a show bike in the sense that it will not be available in your local sports store. Hope Audi will shake up the e-bike industry with its new eco-friendly Worthersee.

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