2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid Promises to Rule [Video]

Ford is ready with its hybrid car that could be an ideal competent to theToyota’s Prius V. The crossover, which is for now titled C-Max Hybrid, will hopefully hit the roads by the first half of next year.

Toyota’s Prius has been enjoying a celebrity status in the eco-conscious vehicle category with its unique design, performance and efficiency. With Ford’s C-Max ready to hit the streets, hybrid market gets more competent and this will ideally help the hybrid vehicle culture to gain more acceptances.

Ford clearly claims its C-Max Hybrid to have a “better fuel economy, performance, technology and functionality than Prius v”. And if it makes a difference, Ford’s upcoming EV will only cost 500 bucks less than the Prius.

For the conventional power source, C-Max offers an all-new 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine employing the superior non-turbocharged powertrains Ford has ever offered.

While the electric power comes from an advanced Li-ion battery system, which is automatically charged by the running of gasoline engine and also by the regenerative braking system capturing more than 95 percent of the braking energy.

Ford dealers has started taking orders for its C-Max hybrid, although all the claims about vehicle are still in fact, glittering promises. The efficiency and competence of vehicle is yet to be tested.

The car is likely to be available for third party testing by the end of 2012, months before the model is ready to hit the market. Also we are still to learn about the car’s official EPA fuel economy rating.

If all goes well we will have another promising contender in the hybrid vehicles category.

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