WWOO Outdoor Kitchen Made of Concrete is Really Cool!

Will it be a good idea to cook out in the open? With the pleasant weather and chirping of the birds in the backdrop, cooking at the dawn of summer will be a beautiful experience. Piet Jan van den Kommer has revived the same old concept of outdoor kitchen and made it a reality by adding a different color to it.

In olden times, we preferred our kitchens outside the house, but with the arrival of gas stoves and other modern equipment, it slowly crept inside.

Most of the outdoor kitchens are expensive with the use of granite, ranges and fridges. Here is what makes Kommer’s WWOO different from the ordinary outdoor kitchens.

He has used inexpensive natural materials such as wood, leather, steel and concrete to build this astonishing food parlor. And for the maintenance part, it is free of cost.

This modular kitchen is exclusively designed for today’s life. One of the key concepts of Piet Jan in designing the WWOO is personalization. The kitchen can be redesigned or altered according to the likes and needs of everyone.

This stunning open air kitchen is reasonable in rate starting from 900 Euros. WWOO is not a replica of ordinary indoor kitchen; rather it is an ethnic fusion of wood and big green egg.

Another advantage of this is that it has two separate entities which can be reshaped in line with your ideas and imagination. So let your imagination run wild, get a WWOO of your own.

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