Visualize Climate Data with NASA’s Earth Now App; It’s Free Too

You must be sick of the world when every one blabbers climate change time and again, right? You might have heard the term being used often, but not have had a decent idea about it as yet. That’s why we think this cool app from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory can provide you with some solid climate facts.

Get NASA’s Earth Now for free on your iPhone to visualize the climate change data on your handset. This app will assimilate the latest global climate data collected by the Earth Science satellites and shows it on a 3D Earth model in your phone screen.

The iPhone App is developed by the Earth Science Communications and Visualization Technology Applications and Development Teams at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, with support from NASA headquarters.

It has everything in it to enable you to visualize an array of different types of data using “false color” maps. You may go for the visualization of data sets between the Earth’s carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels.

The app can also procure visual comparison of earth’s water vapor, gravity, surface air temperature, ozone, and sea level variations. You can elaborate on the picture by rotating or zooming-in on the model.

Next time when your friends demean you while you talk about the climate jargon, show them this app, and there are chances that they too could understand its magnitude.

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