Spare a Thought for Mother Earth; Make Her Live Long

We live in a fast-growing economical and technical modern world. As we grow more tech-friendly, we are actually getting away from our Mother Earth. Serious threats like global warming, pollution and deforestation risk our lives. Various awareness programs have been conducted to make our Earth greener and more sustainable.

Studies prove if we are not ready to change ourselves, the consequences will be far-reaching. The Earth Day has just went by us, and its time we take a look at the six most life threatening issues and the steps to make our environment smarter and beautiful.


Water is the most essential thing in our life. Almost three-fourths of the earth is made up of water, but the funniest part of it is we still face a shortage. Technically speaking, drinking water is available for 6.8 billion people, but it is not available for one-fifth of the world’s population. Pollution, over-population and wastage are some of the reasons for this scarcity. Another thing is that we drive our industrial wastage and other dirt to our rivers and seas turning them into toxic bodies. Adopting ill-regulated methods to extract oil may also pollute water. This may pose a threat to sea inhabitants including dolphins and corals.


Our beautiful jungles have now turned to fire-spitting industrial dragons and now we are living in a concrete jungle with the cooing of engines and horns.  Almost 30% of the earth was covered by forests that prevented soil–eruption and controlled intense heat and flooding. They were the natural resources given to us by nature to absorb carbon dioxide emissions. It is high time we preserve our existing forests and replant trees instead of devastating them.


In the process of changing fossil-fuel resources into energy, toxic gases may get released to the atmosphere, leading to global warming and other serious environmental issues. In order to get coal, we blast our mountains, to get oil we pollute seas and extraction of natural gas provokes earthquakes. For a short-term use of energy we destroy the earth forever. Proper measures need be taken to control ill-regulated extraction methods. Other natural resources like wind and solar power should be more exploited.


These days, most people prefer cars rather than walking. An “un-walkable culture” has been developed in this present world. As per the Environmental Defense Fund’s study, 20% of US greenhouse gas emissions are from cars. Growing fuel-efficiency awareness made people to think of more hybrid electronic technologies and the recent New York Auto Show witnessed the release of some incredible range of vehicles.


Over-population has increased wastage in a big way.  Proper recycling of electronics and plastic stuff including diapers still fail to find a way out. These finite resources create serious enviournmental issues. We have to use less but better stuff which can be reused and recycled. Common place mining of metal also causes environmental destruction, water pollution and air pollution.

Global Warming

Climate change is a serious issue that touches today’s life. Carbon dioxide and other emissions gather in the atmosphere trapping the heat resulting global warm up.  But there is good news. Today’s car manufacturing world gives stress to the energy efficient hybrid vehicles and modernize power plants, extracting energy from non-pollution resources and fewer greenhouse gas emissions promise a more stable future.

Let us all be more eco-friendly and move towards a green world.

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