Set Out on an Eco-friendly Camping Jaunt with the Leav

When was the last time you were out on picnic and found yourself in the middle of nowhere with no proper lighting, save a campfire or a kerosene lantern? The next time you venture out on a camping jaunt, we suggest you have this rig in mind.  Benjamin Charles, a 27-year-old from Paris has come out with a solution for an awesome camping adventure.

Charles has created an extraordinary cantilevered outdoor device that fulfills the needs of the camping industry. The structure is called Leav, and it resembles a Frank Lloyd Wright artifact than a tent.

This many leveled canvas structure features a kitchen and bathroom.  Solar thermal panels incorporated into the canvas to deliver hot water to this kitchen and bathroom.

For more privacy, it offers dry toilets or composting toilets which use little or no water and is odor free.

In addition to all these it has solar photovoltaic–driven lighting system.

Charles has a Masters in Industrial Design from L’école de Design Nantes Atlantique. He first developed the Leav in 2008, aiming at a total sustainable vacation.

The most important solar feature of this structure is that it will not harm the ecosphere you visit and it is totally eco-friendly.

The Leav meets the Energy for the Warfighter Program goals of theUSmilitary force and we hope there will be more additions in this league. So next time, surf up the web to find out where you can get one for yourself.


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