Patagonia R1 Wetsuits Seen as Perfect for Tropical Waters [Video]

Wetsuit maker Patagonia seemed to have hit the speed breaker some time ago. After criticism started pouring in that the company’s wetsuits were too hot for tropical and semi-tropical waters, they have now come up with their fresh stock of R1 wetsuits so as to make customers a happy lot.

Patagoniahas in fact figured out everything they knew about building suits for cold water and applied it to warm water suits. While maintaining their class, they have developed the new R1series wetsuits from limestone-based neoprene and recycled polyester, which is a clean low-energy intensive fiber.

R1 contains the highest recycled substance than any other wetsuit available in market as on date. This warm version is also hand-stitched inside and out, like the company’s earlier wool-lined wetsuits. The company claims that these wetsuits are super flexible and much thinner but at the same time it is really warm.

The new spruced up warm wetsuits are perfect for sporting jaunts in places like California, Hawaii, and Australia, where the weather is warm. The new light weighted R1 wetsuits are available in both men’s and women’s style.

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