Paper Honey Lamps Remind you of the Honeycomb; Are Fully Green

If you haven’t heard about the Milan Furniture Fair, it’s high time you do. This year’s edition of the world’s largest trade fair for furniture, as usual, saw a lot of new designs and ideas from around the world being showcased. One among them was the new honey lamp made from recycled paper.

The Pension Für Produkte, a Hamburg-based company, is behind this innovation and the company has been making these lamps since last year.

Significant about the creations is that the paper-made honey lamps resemble the honeycomb.  They in fact reflect the detailed texture of a honeycomb.

Round shaped, they can be folded flat.  This property makes them extremely portable by keeping the paper edges protected.

You can use them as single pieces or can be hung from a pivot together. As light passes through the paper joints, you are sure to be reminded of the warm honey running trickling down from a bee hive.

These hanging lamps are made from 100% recycled paper and are completely eco-friendly.  No wonder these paper lamps turned out to be the apple of the eye of almost every visitor who walked in to have a glimpse of the innovative products showcased at the Milan furniture fair.

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