Pam Anderson Goes All Out to Bring About Ban on Seal Hunting

As you all know, sexy actress Pamela Anderson is a die hard animal lover. The PETA ambassador is now on a mission to Berlin to promote a ban on killing seals. The actress was supposed to meet the Minister of Economics Phillip Rosler there so as to convince him about the need to oppose the World Trade Organization’s move to re-introduce seal-skin trade in the continent. And as Rosler was not present at the time, she left a bunch of documents with the politician’s representatives urging the minister’s intervention.

The actress and PETA are trying to get a ban on seal hunting imposed. Russia’s recent ban on seal hunting has made the actress really happy and she has expressed her thanks to everyone who supported the campaign.

She has also sent a petition to Canadian Prime Minister with 500,000 signatures, urging him to stop seal hunting. She has also shot off a letter to China’s Minister of Land and Resources Xu Shaoshi requesting him to ban import  of seal products into the China market.

It may be recalled that after the European Union prohibited seal products, the Canadian seal industry has bee struggling to regain profits and recently China agreed to open its market for Canadian seal products.

Apart from these efforts, Pam is also lending support to Brigitte Bardot and her organization against seal cull. Pam, you are on the right track and we are with you.

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