Old Hut Transformed into Amazing Working Studio

A spider filled hut turns into a beautiful office room, and the design wins an award. This office room, situated in the middle of a domestic garden in Hackney,North-East London,  is a perfect office atmosphere for stay at home workers.

This office space replaces an old asbestos-ridden hut. With limited budget and timescale Office Sian Architecture + Design group has created an inviting urban sanctuary here with their thoughtful design.

The oak framed full height doors allow a clear view of garden and bring in maximum sunlight. A hidden rooflight gives unexpected glimpse of the sky.

The neat one-room concept and maximum usable floral area make this cozy little work space into a masterpiece design.

A library is also situated in this office room. By using modular sizes of wood the designers have tried to limit the waste.  The unique design helps reduce energy usage which keeps the heating bills down. This old hut is now acts as a working studio for its clients. Amazing architecture, don’t you also think so?


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