Norway’s Valer Church Design is Eco-friendly to the Core

An open ring in the woods! That’s exactly what we tend to feel after seeing this church design. The famous Valer church in Norway is planning to restore the old building that was destroyed following arson on 29 May 2009.  Krill Architecture design has been selected for building the new structure, and going by what get to see, their plan is to build a beautiful circular wooden church powered by solar panels.

Going by the design, the church structure would be lifted on one side which will provide for a direct entry for devotees without crossing the threshold. This ring shaped structure also sports a verdant patio in the central portion.

The amazing design focuses on a building that combines monumentality, accessibility, openness and spirituality in one spot .

The church design provides for an open gathering space and also a closed secluded space that promises peace of mind.

The church will be placed as an open ring in a newly designed park, and under the partly open huge ring several utility spaces such as toilets, storage and technical spaces and the rooms for pastors are enclosed. These rooms and offices can reached via a ring shaped passageway.

The remains of the old church will be cladded with granite and solar collectors, which will also provide for tapping of natural energy. The original tower of the burnt church will be replicated by way of light.  Are you planning to visitteh church once the construction is complete?

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