Tree House in South Africa Sports All Modern Amenities [Images]

The term tree house will bring to you instantly the image of a conventional tree house with limited area and furniture. But the needs of modern men are different. He needs more facilities and comfort in his life and this modern tree house we are gonna tell you about is so different from what you have already seen.

Designed by the architecture group Van Der Merwe Miszewski, this stunning tree house is located in a wealthy community Higgovale inSouth Africa. Dubbed ‘The Cape Town’, the marvelous construction is a multi-level building surrounded by trees.

It features all the elements a house requires, such as a large living area, a kitchen with modern accessories, dinning table, bedrooms and a splendid bathroom complete with a bathtub. The living area has large sofa sets and shelves are provided as storage area.

Large wall to ceiling glass windows supply sunlight and fresh air to the house, especially in the cozy bedrooms and in the living area.

The bedrooms are provided with large wardrobes and a round staircase aside from the bedroom leads to the upper floor. Built on 2500 sq ft of space, this tree house even possesses a swimming pool outside.

Want to visit the amazing tree house?  Take a look at the pictures we have for you here.


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