Longing for a Sound Sleep? Here Are 20 Foods that Can Help

Why pop pills – that bring along addiction and side effects – for a sound sleep,   when you can go for some sweet fruits for the same. Explore what you can include in your kitchen food store to help you earn a good night sleep. Natural food items can add also some health and make you fit. Let’s take a look a list of 20 food items that would help you to get rid of sleeping pills for ever.

Tart cherries

Tart cherries will increase the secretion of melatonin, which also packs antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that helps you own a fresh mind. Try having a glass of 100%, no-sugar-added tart cherry juice before bed. Sleep well.


It is found that the lowly popcorn contains amino acid tryptophan (yes the same as the one available in turkey). You want serotonin to be induced into your brains naturally, so let the popcorns do it. Skip butter and oil, go for some air pooped popcorn.


Almonds are by now popular for being a good night diet due to the presence of coenzyme Q10, which helps produce energy inside our cells. This might freshen you but don’t have it right before bed. Also, this one is a tryptophan carrier.


Bread is a high-glycemic food, which can make you feel sleepy if you had it around four hours before bed time. But be careful, it can add some extra pounds to your body.

Jasmine rice

Another hyper-glycemic food, which breaks down quickly, and results in a rise in blood sugar levels. A relaxed slumber assured.

Chamomile tea

Chomomile flowers immersed in your teapot for around 15 mins works like a charm, to make you sleep. It relieves anxiety in low doses and induces sleep considerably.


Apart from having tryptophan, this healthy fruit also has magnesium which aids in muscle relaxation. The carbohydrates in the fruit will also mellow you down.


Halibut is rich in Vitamin B6, which is an innate sleep aide. It also has tryptophan and induces serotonin production. Halibut can also relieve leg cramps.


Milk is a universally practiced diet, but many don’t know what the science behind the regular intake of milk. Apart from tryptophan, it contains calcium, which reduces stress levels.


It has all the perks of milk, plus the proteins. Avoid a sugar free, low fat variety so that you can avoid weight gain.


It has vitamin B6, which boosts serotonin levels, and also proteins. Keep some chickpea salad in the refrigerator for a relaxing late-night chomp.

Green tea

Benefits of green tea have been elucidated every now and then. It contains low levels of caffeine, so may be ideal if you avoid it right before bed. But feel free to consume green tea throughout the day as it makes you feel calm and relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea.


This calcium and magnesium rich food will be ideal to group with some bananas, milk and honey for a peaceful night sleep.


Honey just hikes up your blood sugar levels and that in turn cuts down the Orexin production in your brain, which has the property to stay you awake. Consume honey as a mix with oatmeal or tea.


This one has low-sugar, but has complex carbohydrates to increase presence of tryptophan in the blood stream. Moreover, fortified cereals are certified to contain vitamin B6, another sleep inducer.


It is estimated that soybeans contain around 122% of the recommended amount of tryptophan. And, edamame is the freshest and tastiest way to gobble soy.


Carbohydrates in potatoes classify it to be another high-glycemic food to induce sleep more easily.


A hot miso soup at the end of the day is very relaxing. Miso has amino acids other than the tryptophan that catalyses melatonin production that will let you fall asleep easily.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are found to increase your metabolism, which will help you to sleep better. It has stress busters that hinder the production of stress hormone cortisol in brain. As it contains caffeine, it would be ideal not to take it right before bed.


This orange-red colored substance obtained from the stigma of a particular kind of crocus flower is used as a flavor to foods. It is found to have a “mood-improving effect” that can also help in weight loss and relaxation.


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