Livia Firth Holds Aloft Green Standards with Jewelry Line

Actress Livia Firth has brought to public domain her first collection from her own brand Livia Firth Design. The Skull Necklace designed with keeping values boasts aspects of love, fair trade rules and holds aloft environmental standards. This limited edition jewelry piece, in fact, incorporates two different traditions.

The necklace has been made in a small cooperative workshop in Devon and puts to use an ancient Egyptian technique of cire perdue otherwise called lost-wax casting.

This technique is almost 4000 years old and, each element in the design is molded by hand. This complex unconnected chain is 98 cm long with two smaller skulls are connected. The versatile design will allow wearing it in many different forms. It can be also used as a bracelet.

With its simple playfulness and glamorous design, this skull necklace can bring an exciting edge to any outfit.

Firth is also working with Giusy Bettoni of C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy) to establish the first Green Carpet Challenge Fabric Library.

The actress has sated that she loves to work with Giusy in bringing sustainable fabrics and to increase the possibilities of a sustainable style sense.

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