Lea Michele Calls Upon Teenage Girls to Help Protect Animals

We know many celebrities who work hard to endorse animal rights and Lea Michele is one among them. The actress and singer Lea Michele is a proud vegan and an outspoken animal supporter. She has always been in the forefront to promote animal rights and PETA.

The latest is that she is now trying to share her message of compassion among teenage girls. In the May issue of Seventeen magazine she talks about animal rights and the significance of protecting wandering animals. She also added that animals can’t speak up for themselves, and so it is our duty to protect them.

The Glee actress shared her experience with PETA and the way she was connected with the organization. The animal lover and activist has been promoting PETA for the past four years. The actress admitted that seeing shelterless animals makes her sad and wants to encourage people to adopt them.

This is not the first time she was involved with animal rights. The actress once wrote a letter to the New York Mayor to explain the dangers about carriage horse industry. The PETA’s spokesperson then asked the Mayor to support the city council bill that would put an end to horse carriages and replace them with eco-friendly electric cars.

The magazine also features the ways to join PETA and tips on pet adaptation. Lea explains to teens that it is very easy to endorse animal rights by using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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