Indian Railways Chugs on Eco-friendly Track

Everyone is going eco-friendly then why not the biggest rail network in the world? Yes, the behemoth Indian Railways is planning to go eco-friendly by working out some unique strategies. By way of adapting sustainable development actions, they too hope to change their image and is chugging towards a more eco-friendly terrain.


As a first step towards this mission, Indian Railways has done away with the compulsory requirement of carrying a printed e-ticket bought via their portal or through affiliated websites.

With the plan now turning real, you now can travel with an SMS sent to your handheld device. You can also carry your ticket in electronic mode on Mobile, Laptop and iPad.

This new arrangement is expected to save around 3lakh A4 size papers on a day to day basis. The use of printer ink required to print those tickets is also saved.

Less paper usage means less deforestation. This will save money and produce a significant impact on environment.

Indian Railways is also planning to switch to bio-toilets, similar to the ones in aircraft that collect waste in a tank. This waste can be converted into methane later on. The gas thus produced will be used for other purposes like power generation, chemical generation and as a fuel to generate heat.

We wish Indian Railways all success in their efforts towards turning eco-friendly.


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