Hong Kong Eco-friendly Building Has the Greenery as Backdrop

A fruitful collaboration of Swire Properties and Frank Gehry, one of the world’s most famous architects, has helped a new landmark bloom in Hong Kong. This newly opened architectural wonder stands atop a hill surrounded by the beauty of a landscape and the panoramic view of the city. Fully eco-friendly, it unifies both urban and rural beauty.

The 12-storey tower unwraps the urban images around it, and is set in the green background of the hills. Like the bamboos rocking in the breeze, the unique spiral structure gives fluidity to the building.

The city’s newest luxury apartment is situated at Stubbs Roadon the peak high above the city. Comprising 12 residences along with two double-level garden apartments, this is one place you can sit and enjoy the tranquility around.

The garden apartments are topped with ten apartments ranging from 6,000 to 6,900 sq ft in size. The big private pool on the rooftop offers amazing scenic beauty. We believe this is yet another successful venture of Gehry that brings to the fore a remarkable monument of human effort.

Challenging the conventional from of construction, the architects have introduced a spiral curving structure. They designed glass-enclosed columns that provide natural sunlight and ventilation with a clear view of outside world.

Gehry is of the opinion that the natural beauty and the greenery of extra-ordinary location inspired them to build something unique and matchless. Hope this will mark the beginning of a new style of architecture.

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