Hemloft Built from Recycled Materials in Whistler is a Charmer

An oval-shaped tree house can arouse curiosity in anyone who looks at it. This dream tree house, built by Joel Allen, is no different. Situated in a piece of land in Whistler, B.C, the tree house is by all means a beautiful work of architecture. The birth of the Hemloft has a story behind it. Read on to know.

Allen was working in a social media company and his plan to retire at 26 failed. Disappointed, he took a walk through the woods with an old hippie named Old Man John. The companionship made them think of a beautiful tree house. Unfortunately, John never owned any land or money, making the dream a tough proposition.

The next thing he could think of was to hunt for used, inexpensive materials from Craigslist and found a place to build the Hemloft, in the meanwhile.

After several years of construction using reusable materials and lots of help from friends, Allen and John constructed the Hemloft hanging from a precipitous slope and supported it with a stand.

He tested the strength of the tree house by extending the oval shaped mini home and increased the interior space. The house sports pop-windows for ventilation and sunlight, but they kept the construction a secret fearing that the Canadian authorities may disapprove of it.

Once the construction was complete, he called up the Dwell Magazine to break the story. With media coverage coming in, the oval Hemloft has now started attracting visitors by the hundreds. Now, that’s what we call an experimental piece of art sans much money and land.

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