Be a Part of the Fight Against Animal Testing; Do We Need Cosmetics That Smells Cruelty?

Are you among those who are dead against cosmetic testing on animals? Then this is for you. In a bid to save animals from cruelty, a new anti-cosmetics animal testing campaign has been unveiled. The campaign ‘Fight Animal Testing’ is a joint effort by Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Humane Society International (HSI) and LUSH Cosmetics. This is the largest campaign ever conducted for animal rights.

‘Fight Animal Testing’ urges people to reject cosmetics that use animal testing and sign a national petition available at online to convey US government that animal testing for cosmetics should be banned.

The campaign has launched in 48 countries and over 700 LUSH stores in theUS,Canada, Europe,India,AustraliaandNew Zealand. They are also working with legislator’s regulators and researchers and other organization to encourage people to buy cruelty free products.

The organization claims that even science has moved beyond chemical testing but cruelty towards animals is continuing in the beauty industry and customers are largely unaware about this.

The organization wants to put pressure on the government to enforce a law that makes all companies adopt humane methods to bring their products to market.

The products available on LUSH are not tested on animals and the ingredients they buy are from companies that do not commission animal tests.

LUSH is demanding customers to boycott cosmetics companies that engage in animal testing. And if people demand for cruelty free products then companies have to act in accordance with their demand in order to retain their business.

The petition is available online here and here, and at all LUSH stores now.


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