Cut Carbon Foot Print with these Android and iPhone Apps

Almost everyone is aware of the ill effects of global warming and climatic changes, but still remain passive when it comes to acting for a change. Reducing your carbon foot print may not a one-day plan, but a long-term deed. A systemic change in people’s actions might be essential to bringing about a notable change. It s a must that basic steps should made by each one of us to usher in a better tomorrow. In case if you feel you are tech savvy but not sure about the effects of the day-to-day climate change, let’s tell you about the many iPhone and Android apps that could aid you. Here we go:

Green Outlet

Identify which all appliances in your home suck up most of electricity, with the help of this simple app. You can learn how much power each appliance uses with Green Outlet, and thus reduce its use, thereby saving the planet and your energy bills. If you are in theUS, Green Outlet has also provisions for alerting you when you exceed the government-recommended carbon usage. It can also direct you to the website where you can buy carbon offsets. Get it here.

Just Science

Look up the statistics to find a clear view on how drastically the changing temperatures affect different geographical areas. The app explains through simple charts, color-coded maps and figures, changes in land temperature during the past centuries. The chart is an authorized reproduction from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study data. The app gives an extra dimension to your ecological awareness. Get it here.


You may know how to drive, but there could be some driving practices that can impact the environment adversely. Make use of the GreenMeter, a wonderful iPhone app that can check the ill impacts on ecology. GreenMeter uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to evaluate the environmental effect of your driving. It provides tips to increase efficiency and cut down fuel consumption. You can now easily check out the ideal acceleration rate and efficient cruising speeds with this app. Get it here.

Clean Energy Fuel Finder

Is your vehicle compatible to run on compressed or liquefied natural gas? Clean Energy Fuel Finder app can help you to find out the service stations around your area by using the phone’s GPS for directions. Get it here.

Light Bulb Finder

This app will let you choose better efficient bulbs. You can check which bulbs are energy-saving and thereby letting you to cut costs and environmental impact. Get it here and here.

Google Maps

It may not have any direct green impact, but it helps you to find a more direct driving route, thus helping to cut down on fuel use and time. Integrate it with GPS; you can immensely improve your driving efficiency. Get it here and here.

Tell us your experience of putting these apps to full use in the comments space below.

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