Bicycle Bicimaquinas Can Double Up as Your Utility Machines [Video]

Do you own a bicycle? In case its old and not fit for pedaling around town, here’s something you can do with it You can take a leaf out of the book of Maya Pedal, a Guatemalan NGO, and turn your bike into a utility machine. The Guatemalan version of the machine is now famous by the name of Bicimaquinas, or bicycle machines. These machines have been designed by the Maya Pedal workshop with concrete, wood, metal and of course old bikes.

Apt for use as utility machines in agriculture and small businesses, Bicimaquinas have come in handy for rural residents who have limited access to gas and electricity.

These machines can be used as a mill/corn degrainer, blender, water pump, tricycles and trailers, coffee depulper and a metal sharpener.

The makers are also testing them as washing machines, electricity generators, ploughing machines, nut-shellers and even wood saws. Each machine has been individually designed to perform definite tasks.

For the Guatemalan villagers, these machines help improve living standards. The machines work sans electricity and they reduce manual labor too. Work gets done easier and in a jiffy.

Lining up new designs and inventions, Maya Pedal has also kicked off training programs via their website on how to build some of their models.

If you too have a defunct bicycle lying somewhere in your backyard, why not get it revived? May be it might make the Bicimaquina you want it to be.

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