Bangkok Tree House Hotel: Clean Air and a View to Scintillating Greenery

The Bangkok Tree House Hotel located on a tranquilizing landscape, away from the capital city has got much to boast about. Situated much away from the crowded city, the hotel offers clean air, calm stay and view to scintillating greenery.

The hotel is around 30 minutes ride from the city centre. Though you have to sacrifice road transportation, BTS sky-train, elevated urban rail network and all facilities of a city, what you get in return is the most invaluable tranquility and peace of mind that you won’t get from anywhere else.

The Bangkok Tree House Hotel might be the greenest hotel inThailand. Joey Tulyanond, the owner of the hotel, has lots of brilliant ideas pertaining to this 11 room lodge. One of his plans is to offer “Wall and ceiling free sleeping platform”, and another is “View with a Room”. He names one of his projects as “360 degrees of nature”, whereas he describes the hotel sometimes as the “greenest hotel inThailand.”

Thailandis well known for availability of bamboo, and no wonder the hotel uses bamboo as principal material of construction. He has wonderfully employed recycling technology in construction of this scintillating cottage. Discarded materials are used to build walls and walkways. The house is greener- inside and outside.

Here, all kind of organic wastes are safely disposed. Solar cooker is used to prepare meals, and laundry is line dried. Water is served in glass bottles, and you won’t see a plastic inside or outside this hotel. Locally produced organic soaps and shampoos are used in bathrooms, and there are provisions to tap energy from wind and sun.

Everything going in and coming out of kitchen is purely organic. Even the wine is organic. The hotel lends pedaled bicycle for site seeing, which is absolutely free of costs. The Bangkok Tree House hotel very lovable and 100 percent green.

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