Atmospheric Gown from recycled Fishermen’s Jacket

Want to add something different to your wardrobe? Ball gowns woven out of recycled fishermen’s jacket and repurposed rubber can be an excellent choice. This novel gown has a whiff of freshness in functionality and fashion.

Santa Monica-based architects Minarc have designed this gown, which is intermixed with satin and tulle. Designers Erla Dögg and Tryggvi Thorsteinsson, hailing from Iceland have tried to being the indigenous mark of their locality in the gown’s design.

The designers may be seen as having imagined and brought to reality their ‘Atmospheric’ gown that depicts the interplay of fire and water. They have also taken creative inputs from graphic designer Billi Rakov, fashion designer Helga Solrun, and photographer Brandon Klein on crafting this beautiful gown.

Dögg accounts the inspiration has come from her father, who was a fisherman in Iceland. Dögg said fishermen are Iceland’s heroes, and she reveres them immensely for their courage and hard work in storm and far sea.

She asserted that her attempt was to bring in the environmental, cultural, and social contexts of the sea men’s life in her design, which she guesses is a success. Water proof jacket that helps fishermen from sea elements and bright color used for identification is the dark sea and this can be traced in her design.

The apparel  is indeed a classic design which was inspired from nature and its inevitable impacts on native garments.

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