Ambika’s Brand of Angora Fur Dismisses Cruelty

Not all fur has an inevitable history of slaughter. This may be what the elegant Angora fur from Ambika Conroy’s collections can guarantee to you. Ambika who stumbled with the idea of the painless fur when she started raising Angora rabbits on her farm in the Catskill Mountains.

She loathed fur, and despised cruelty to animals much more. She was pondering for an amicable solution. She took two Angora rabbits to her Brooklyn apartment as pets which would be hanging out in her couch watching movies with her.

Incidentally, these two rabbits were compulsive shedders, which put the notion of harmless Angora fur into her head.

She started giving her bunnies hair cuts every three months, with which she will be hand-crocheted to make attractive jackets, hoods, earmuffs, mittens, and even bikinis. In fact she makes sure that she don’t harm the animals in anyway but in turn comforts them with the monthly hair cut.

The population of these Angora rabbits has since advanced to 13 in her apartment in upstate New York. She now brands her new Angora Wool which is claimed to be as soothing as cashmere, while eight times warmer than a sheep’s wool.

Ambika is now more into animal husbandry than just Angora Rabbits. She now spends time with two merino sheep, a couple of angora goats, a dog, and a cat. Since her brand started growing, Conroy hired some local women to work. Using local women for the crocheting also contributed much to the local economy. She is also keen about the buttons, which are hand-cast by a company in theUnited States.

Ambika also plans to incorporate natural dyes made from plants such as black walnut, sumac, and vetch. She is open to exploit more option that will make her product more eco-friendly and sustainable.

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