Yoyogi Village Helps You Stay Away from City Bustle the Green Way

It is heartening to see people increasingly opt for eco-friendly vacations. One green destination that has been winning rave reviews is the Yoyogi restaurant inJapan. Designed to promote the balance between fun and ecology, the Yoyogi is one spot we would suggest for should be heading for. 

Introduced by music director Takeshi Kobayashi, this place helps nature and comfort go hand in hand. It was his imagination to build a place for tourists, where they can enjoy nature far from the busy city life.

This whole place has been separated into two zones – the Container and the Village Zone. The Container Zone is for the shopping freaks. It includes clothing stores, book shops, travel agency and an art gallery.

Meanwhile, the Village Zone attracts music fans with Kobayashi’s music bar and classy dining facilities. It also offers the services of a holistic mind and body center.

The village garden features plants and flowers from across the globe, and from the local garden. The remarkable lighting system at the restaurant brings to your midst completely different feelings during the day and the night.

An Italian restaurant named Code Kurkku is another highlight of this retreat center. Aren’t you too planning a visit?

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