What Do You Call a Tree House Sans a Tree? A Tentsile!

Tentsile is the name for a tree house without a tree. When a group of designers were challenged to build a tree house without a tree they came up with this versatile tent. It is more similar to a hammock than a tree house. Read on to know what we are trying to tell you.

The innovation looks like an inverted hanging pyramid. You can attach it anywhere including branches of trees by using the cords connected to the each of its three points.  You can even make it stand with its bottom fixed to a stable surface.

The new hanging tent can be used in environments like forest or in the desert. With its unique structure it will protect you from insects, snakes and other predators even in the middle of a forest.

Significantly, its usable space and the security it provides make it a perfect choice while on winter sports jaunts, wildlife filming, camping and in military excursions. It is an ideal choice for research teams who spend time in the middle of wild forest in the midst of studies and experiments.

Tentsile is made from water resistant polyesters and that makes it ideal for the beaches or even rainy environments too. While creating the tent, the designers focused on maximum utilization of space with minimum material.

It is available in 2, 5 and 8-man models and is not too light or too heavy. A two man model weighs between 11 and 18 pounds and in 30 minutes you can set the Tentsile on any environment. Are you going for it while on your next adventure?

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