Violin Strings Made of Spider Silk Produce the Right Note

Can spider silk create music? Yes of course, says Japanese scientist Shigeyoshi Osaki! After 35 years of research Osaki has come up with spectacularly woven violin strings and they have been made up of spider silk. Osaki, from the Nara Medical University, who found that the spider silk can be used as violin strings had a tough time convincing people in the beginning. But his experiments have yielded amazing results.

Normally, violin strings are made of steel and nylon that produce low harmonics when compared with these spider silk strings. With high tensile strength and elasticity, spider silks were made to maintain music creating qualities even in cold weather.

Osaki coaxed spider silk into violin strings, and rotated the spider silk to make long strands of dragline. He then bundled these filaments together and wound them to form a strong string. To form the string of the violin, he combined as many as 15,000 filaments.

Once they tested the violin that sported spider silk strings, expert musicians were in awe. The tone quality was found to be brilliant than any other strings used earlier.

According to the experts, spider silk is best suited for the E string. The spider silk string offers unique and perfect sound with high harmonics.

When it comes to selecting a violin, professionals usually prefer the ones with a gut string made of intestines of animals like cattle and horse. But the spider string has proved to be much stronger than the gut strings.

And most importantly, it is extremely eco-friendly too.  What do you have to say about this innovation?

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