Vegan Fashion Crusader Vaute Couture Arrives in Brooklyn

Vaute Couture has hit the streets of Brooklyn recently with their Vegan Fashion Boutique. A sample sale from 12-6 pm and up to 70% off their vegan winter coats was part of their celebration in connection with the label’s arrival on Williamsburg soil.

 Vaute Couture is the first apparel line to focus on developing high style high performance fashion with one major challenge; no animal derived materials.

Vaute Couture believes in collaboration and improvisation and with the strong motto, they were able to stand up for what they thought to be right.

They have now become a world famous fashion idol. Located at234 Grand StreetinWilliamsburg,Brooklyn, the store is a designer shop exhibiting their mission that reads ‘Animals are not to be killed for our clothing’.

Vaute Couture has always lit up the fashion world and it looks like there is no stopping them. The store is an absolute delight for both fashion enthusiasts and animal lovers.

Also, the tag line of ‘I can’t even look at you in that fur’ is really catchy and it surely emphasizes the disgrace one puts up on his/her shoulders by wearing a fur coat. What do you think?

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