Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue Aims at Ocean Conservation

Mission Blue is the latest project from Sylvia Earle Alliance, and has as its main goal promotion of public awareness in the field of ocean issues. It also aims at supporting organizations, projects and initiatives that are making a positive difference to the oceans.

It had been Sylvia Earle’s vision to generate public support to protect the areas, the blue heart of the earth.  These marine areas, christened hope spots, have been identified for protection and the project uses all platforms of the media, including films and the web.

The team includes the world’s prominent ocean experts, deep sea explorers, scientists, innovators, environmentalists, activists and leaders. The aquatic regions damaged due to pollution and overfishing are being identified to be protected by way of this mission, and aims at coral recovery in these marine protected areas.

Sylvia is an oceanographer and an author of several books like Exploring the deep Frontier, Sea Change,Wild Ocean:America’s parks under the sea and The Atlas of the Ocean. She also wrote books named Coral Reefs, Hello Fish, Sea Critters and Dive for children.

Sylvia Earle won a TED prize in 2009 for her efforts to preserve the marine world. She was also honored as the person of the year 2010 by Tree Hugger and Netherland’s Order of the Golden Ark.

She was also named the first hero for the planet in 1998 by Time Magazine. With the support of TED she has launched the Project Mission Blue, also known as Sylvia Earle Alliance, Deep Search Foundation, which in fact is a non profit foundation for protecting and exploring the earth’s oceans. Aren’t you extending your support?

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