Stunning Green Roof Speckled with Skylights Adorns Städel Museum

The recently reopened Städel Museum in Frankfurt is leaving every one stunned with its renovated design. The most amazing aspect you get to see at the refurbished stadium is the arched green roof garden spotted with circular skylights over the new subterranean contemporary gallery.

Schneider Schumacher, a  Frankfurt firm, took three years to completely revamp the 200 year old popular museum. The visitors were reported to be absolutely pleased with the renewed settings and the energy efficient facilities in the museum.

Among the renovated structures, the new fashionable gallery situated in the courtyard stands out with its polka-dotted green roof garden.  The bulged garden roof is speckled with 195 gigantic round skylights that lighten the subterranean gallery through natural daylight.

During the night, the gallery space is illuminated by the interior lighting that comes through the portholes on the roof. And also, you can walk freely on the round skylights and lounge in the garden.

Along with the fascinating green roof, the firm has done modifications by setting an extension along the central axis to re-establish the historic spatial collection. The central foyer and the entire vertical axis circulations have been modernized to offer wheelchair access.

The remodeled museum comes with a new unique exhibition area in the ground floor. Meanwhile, the administration, auditorium, and library spaces were moved to the west wing of the museum.

The museum is designed with a big heat storage capacity system to generate an optimal room atmosphere with least energy expenditure. When are you visiting the green, eco-friendly Städel Museum?

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