Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand is Ultimately Eco-friendly

Looking forward to an amazing stay for the next holidays? How about picking one that sports the ultimate in eco-friendly credentials? Let’s tell you about one that offers the most splendid eco friendly vacation for you and your family. This resort breaks the conventional thinking that eco friendly resorts can’t be look amazing. Not convinced? Read on to know for yourself.

The Soneva Kiri Resort and Spa , located on the east coast ofThailandon an unspoiled island is called Koh Kood, is where we would want to pack our bags and head for .

One exciting aspect about this resort is that it offers a lofty woven tree pod hanging from a tree about 16 feet above ground level. You can get your drink and food and go on a relaxation mode , away from all the din and bustle of your hectic everyday life. Waiters on call bring to you all you need to your pod accessible only with a ropeway.

The designers have made sure that the natural surroundings have not been untouched by modernity or development. Even the bamboo forests around have been left untouched that they are allowed to coil around the resort.

The resort has on offer 42 pool villas with an incredible view to the nature. Each villa features air conditioned bedrooms and living rooms.

Further, the company that owns the resort gives away 0.5%of the revenues towards the Social and Environmental Responsibility Fund. Thus they ensure that something is given back to nature and the local community.

No wonder this marvelous Soneva Kiri Resort has been picked for the World Travel Award for being the World’s Leading Eco Resort and Spa. Are you including the Soneva Kiri in your travel itinerary?

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