SimCity Dons New Avatar to Create Awareness on the Need to be Eco-friendly

All you gaming freaks out there must be familiar with the game ‘SimCity’ designed by Will Wright. A city building computer game that once rocked the minds of gamers all over the world is still being adored by many. The first edition of the legendary game came up as early as 1989, and a new version has arrived as of late.

The new avatar has won applauds from many great people, even from Biz Stone, co-founder of The reason is that the developers have included many globally relevant themes into the game. And, this is no ordinary computer game now.

“We are updating SimCity with the technology of today and introducing it to a new generation of gamers”, said Lucy Bradshaw, Senior Vice President of Maxis studio. She added that the game is a wonderful blend of realism and fantasy.

The ‘Sims 3 Showtime’- software that comes with the game – allows players to customize themselves as singers, athletes, or whatever they want to become. There is another $40 worth add-on called ‘SimPort’, which allows players to share their characters with other players via internet.

The game takes up issues like pollution and climate change to a better context, providing better demonstrations. This would create awareness among people against such social maladies, irrespective of age.

Stone described SimCity as a good initiative for making “better humans, a smarter world and a healthier planet.”

The game sports rich 3D graphics, with far better detailing and wonderful depth and aliasing, which are difficult to find in games of its genre.

With the new simulation engine, developers have succeeded in bringing an element of realism in every aspect of SimCity. Are you game?

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