Recycled Bike Parts and Kitchen Gear Turn Animal Sculptures [Image Gallery]

Art is born out of thought and curiosity – most of the time. What if an artist with an eco-friendly frame of mind decides to create something unique? Chances are that the raw materials he uses could be recycled stuff. Artist Edouard Martinet also seems to be treading the same route.

This skilled artist has created sculptures from recycled metal. Martinet has used recycled objects ranging from bike parts to the kitchen accessories to create amazing metal forms of animals.

All these sculptures are made from the materials he collected from flea markets and car boot sales centers. He has even used typewriter keys to create animal sculptures. They are small, shiny, but very much detailed.

His collection includes sculptures fish, birds, ostrich and insects. For instance, the running ostrich you see in the picture posted alongside has been created with different elements and a handful of screws.

One significant aspect about his craft is that fact he has never used a welding iron. He has created these complex metal sculptures of animals without using the welding iron, and instead he has put to use screws to join the parts.

The pigeon and the cute robin is an amazing piece of art, while the complex shrimp has been made with metal spoon and other kitchen elements. The antennas of the shrimp are made from radio antennas.

The blue colored fish, the sleeping cute wasp all are fully hand-made, but sport strong properties. They are also sustainable. If you have chanced upon such green work of art, do let us know.

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