Pet Lover Jennifer Aniston Showers Love on Chickens

Look what Hollywood hottie Jennifer Aniston is up to these days. She is now taking care of chickens, and she is loving the company of chicks big time.  The actress found her chickens in her new property and has decided to keep them all.

Aniston believes that her chickens are social animals and so she would be visiting them often. The actress, in case you didn’t know, is already famous for her love for pet dogs. Many a photograph of hers has already been published along with her dog Norman.

In May last year,Normanpassed away and in order to pay homage to her dear dog, she tattooed her dog’s name on her right foot. She believes that the spirit of her pet will thus be with her every where ever she goes.

After her dog died, the animal lover adopted a rescue dog from Best Friends Animal Society in January. This dog, named Sophie, joined her other white shepherd pet named Dolly. The star has also revealed that she still keeps the ashes of her pets that have passed away.

Jennifer is also a supporter of St. Jude Children Research Hospital and Best Friends Animal Society. She often appears in their advertisements and campaigns for the Stiller Foundation which helps kids all over the world by building schools for them. A model life, right?

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