Meryl Streep Lends Voice for Documentary on Life in the Arctic [Trailer Video]

Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep now is a part of new documentary called To The Arctic. Streep is narrating the documentary to viewers of the documentary. This stunning visual rich work, directed by Greg Mac Gillvray, who has earlier directed the award winning Everest, narrates the wonderful story of a mother polar bear and her twin cubs.

Rich in amazing shots of theArcticand the inhabitants of this snow clad land, this excellent film is surely set to win the hearts of people. This film has been enriched with the underwater shots of bears and other animals.

Arctic, the incredible land, is full of a variety of wild life. However, the inhabitants of this region at the moment find it impossible for them to survive mainly due to to climate changes and human encroachments.

The film has already been appreciated by environmentalists who work towards protecting the animals there against the attempts of oil drilling in the region.

The film will hit IMAX theaters from April 20, and viewers can watch the movie in 3D version.

Apart from her fascinating film career, Meryl Streep is an environmental activist. She is a promoter of safer foods and a supporter of consumer awareness campaigns.

Okay, now for the trailer of the documentary. Tell us your take on the film.

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