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McDonald’s to Dump Polystyrene Foam Beverage CupsMarch 24, 2012

March 24th, 2012 By Nisha Vijayan in Business, Featured Articles, Globe, Life

Fast food giant McDonald’s is planning to take a huge step into the eco-friendly terrain. The company will soon launch a pilot program to put an end to polystyrene foam beverage cups. McDonald’s hot beverages are still being served in polystyrene, and we might soon see them being dumped.

The move comes as a result of company’s 2011 shareholder resolution. Big Mac is set to replace polystyrene cups with double-walled paper hot cups.

At present, the company is planning to test and assess customer acceptance, operational impact, and overall performance of this new change.

They were planning to conduct the tests in approximately 2000 restaurants in the US, primarily on the West Coast. This number represents only 15% of their restaurants in theUS.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has determined the polystyrene as a carcinogen. It increases the risk of leukemia and lymphoma. And, the other disadvantage of polystyrene is that it is not widely recycled.

These foam cups and containers break into small pieces. These small pieces are carried by wind to the ocean, which results in the death of fish and birds.

Due to these harmful effects of polystyrene, as many as 100 cities in the US have banned the usage of the material in food packaging. We hope people would accept the new change in Mc Donald’s in a big way.

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