Magada Sayeg and Her Knitta Please Covering Buses and Bikes with Yarn

In case you didn’t know, yarn bombing is the practice of weaving on inanimate objects that you normally find on the street. This trend was started in the middle of last decade and has managed to rope in fans from all over the world, ever since.

Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta Please, has been producing some of the cleverest, most exciting yarn art. She started Knitta Please in October 2005, and her team of yarn bombers has been covering ordinary urban objects like parking meters, street signs and lamp posts with colorful yarn.

Over the past seven years, she has been working on yarn bombing with added ambition and audacious designs. This time it is more exciting because she is covering cars, buses and motorcycles with yarn.

This revolutionary street art is a rare one. The property owners like it because it doesn’t bring about any harm to their property and it is easier to remove than paint. Above all, it makes things more attractive.

Sayeg has been working on some large commissioned works, which include the massive “Plan Ahead” installation beneath the Williamsburg Bridge in New York, covering the AC ductwork of’s headquarters in Brooklyn, and a solo show in Rome.

She has also been selling knitted iPhone covers through her website. No wonder, Sayeg is also known as the mother of yarn bombing. What do you have to say about this street art?


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