Levi’s Wants You to Stay Dirty to Help Cut Down on Water Usage

With the World Water Day approaching on March 22, folks at Levi Strauss &Co are planning something interesting to their employees. Don’t be shocked – they are advising them to stay dirty. Okay, let’s explain. They have in fact asked employees to wear the same pair of jeans throughout between March 19 and 23 without washing the pair.

It isn’t just the employees, you can also join in the effort. The whole idea is aimed at promoting conservation and sustainability. Washing less means less usage water and energy! Get the idea?

Levis employees will receive a Go Water<Less non-removable tag made of sponge on the first day to put on their jeans (the sponge tag will inflate if placed in water!).  Further, Levis offices will offer “cleaning stations” where employees can spot treat their denim. Participating employees will upload a photo each day to Instagram (tagged with #gowaterless) and Flickr to document their fabulous style and commitment to going Water<Less.

The three most stylish employees, chosen by Levis designers, will receive a $1,000 grant for the water organization of their choice.

If you are consumer and like to be part of the campaign, Levis is also taking the challenge to you by partnering with  You can log on to Go Water<Less Challenge here.

You just have to upload a picture of yourself each day this week wearing the same pair of jeans to Instagram and tag it #gowaterless.   If you need some inspiration on that, you can browse Levis employees’ photos on Day #1 by searching #gowaterless on Instagram.

It is a known fact that Levi Strauss & Co has been committed to addressing global water issues in a major way. You may recall that the brand had created a collection of jeans made using significantly less water.

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