L’oreal Supports Non-Animal Chemical Tests; Donates $1.2 Million to EPA

In a bid to lend support towards protection of human health and the environment, Paris-based cosmetic and perfume manufacturer L’oreal has donated $1.2 million to the Environmental Protection Agency in the US. The EPA aims at protecting human health and the environment and the organization is working for a cleaner and healthier environment.

EPA will use the amount in their new research. The cosmetic major is developing a study for calculating toxicity in chemicals, and has named the study ToxCast. The research is currently testing various chemicals and their effects on human body.

EPA has stated that they would make sure that hundreds of tests on chemicals would be done and results would be published whereby one can evaluate the toxicity of a chemical.

Normally all the possible treatments and medicines go through animal research. Such tests incur high cost and long periods. One major issue with such tests is that it triggers protests from the part of animal rights activists, who strive to put an end to the heinous practice of using animals in treatments and tests.

L’oreal would provide the research unit all data about the chemicals used in the cosmetics they manufacture. These have already been put to test by ToxCast.

L’oreal hopes the ToxCast program will enrich testing platforms and help in the use of safe substances in their products, and thereby ensure safe products for their customers.

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