KOKi Beach in Costa Rica Spells Green with Recycled Materials All Over

How awesome can you build a resort by pumping in loads of recycled materials? If you are still wondering how tough it could be, the folks who built the KOKi beach resort in Costa Rica have managed exactly that.

You will surely amazed by the beauty of the recycled and reused stuff at the KOKi Beach. Each element in this restaurant holds a story and a tradition. In short, the KOKi Beach upholds eco-friendliness  in the most welcome manner.

The whole ambience creates a heavenly feel for visitors who flock here. All the materials you see in this popular tourist destination are made from recycled elements.

The walls of the bar and building are supported by local river stones, while the lamps are made with memorials from the local Bribri community.

Created by a local artist who is also a specialist in beadwork, the  lamps and other features here spell green in the strictest way.

The wood for the tables and seating have been recycled from an old house in Hone Creek. They also find a place inside each room as decorative elements.

KOKi Beach is in effect a perfect example of the marriage between the traditions of a local community with a modern and friendly approach.

If your mind is inclined towards green, you need to visit this hot tourist spot . Tell us your experience if you have been there already.


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