Home Atop 300-Year-Old Oak Grows Along With the Tree

How about a home a few meters above the ground? Let’s tell you about a wonderful tree house that has been designed to fit with the tree structure. This wonderful tree house has been built around a holm oak, and you can find it in the Extremadura region ofSpain.

Created by Urbanarbolismo, this cool family tree house finds its own abode on an almost 300-year-old oak tree, which is still growing. The cork bark of the tree can be removed every 9 years and it regenerates. These removed cork bars were used to cover the walls of the tree house.

The roof is made of local shrubs.  All materials used for the construction of the house in fact are environment-friendly and help provide a cool atmosphere.

Significantly enough, not a single nail or screw has gone into the making of this house. Besides, the architects never cut even a single branch of the tree while they designed the house. Thus they have ensured sustainability without harming the grandfather oak.

Considering the fact that the oak is still growing, the architects have designed the house so that it also rises as the tree grows. They had achieved this by adding a number of underground screws, which simply can be loosened to lift the structure.

Don’t you think this is something amazing?


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