Gorillas Find a Savior in Ted Turner; Media Moghul Donates $1 Million

Gorillas have finally got a high profile savior. Ted Turner has donated an amount of $1 million to the Dian Fossey International Gorilla Fund, and this is the largest donation received by the organization. The 73-year-old media moghul and billionaire who is behind majors like the CNN, TBS and many other business houses, is now focusing on to the environmental projects, including water-resource management, reforestation and the reintroduction of native species to the land, including the prairie dog, burrowing owl and black ferret.

Turner owns the largest number of bisons in the US. This largest private farm contains more than 52,000 American buffalos.

Before donating this huge amount, he visited the Karisoke research camp inRwandato view gorillas in their natural habitat. The Dian Fossey Gorilla fund International is anAtlantabased organization that protects gorillas in their natural environment.

Showing his love for nature and its animals, the billionaire believes he has made a statement through this donation. He has also become the lead spokesman for the Fossey group.

Turner was earlier part of Ocean Elders, an organization that includes other celebrities such as Richard Branson, Neil Young and Dr. Sylvia Earl. They promote ocean conservation through this association.

After revealing his love for the animals like chimpanzees, apes and mountain gorillas, Turner has called for an end to the killings and start treating the animals with love. Are you on Turner’s side?

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